Veteran Suicide in Michigan

In 2014, 213 veterans took their own lives. According to recent finding released by the Veteran's Affairs, suicide among veterans ages 18-54 is higher than the national average. Using incomplete data, the Aleda E. Lutz VA Medical Center in Saginaw estimates eight veterans from northern Michigan each year. That number is likely higher since many veteran deaths and those that die by accidental drug overdoses or alcohol related accidents go unreported to the VA.

It is also worth noting, the year this study was conducted 1,300 Michiganders chose to end their lives, double the national average.  

As a community, as a state, we can do better. These men and women volunteered to service to protect us. They have deserve more than just gratitude and respect. Now it's time for us to serve them and ensure they have easy and immediate access to all the tools and resources they have earned.

Melissa Fruge