Melissa Frugé | MI State Representative


Michigan’s infrastructure is crumbling. House Republicans passed a roads package in 2015 that raised taxes and fees for families but didn’t come close to fixing the roads and corporations weren’t asked to pay for anything. The additional $175 million the Legislature recently allotted for roads is needed, but it’s just a band-aid. But infrastructure goes beyond roads and bridges, it includes things like access to high speed internet. For example, only 10 percent of people living in Montmorency County have access to broadband which is essential in this day and age for businesses and students.


Education is a powerful tool, but right now Michigan is receiving a failing grade. It is our responsibility to ensure public schools are funded properly and ALL schools, provide the best education possible for our children. A comprehensive, quality education is something *every* child in our state deserves, regardless of their zip code, gender, or unique learning needs. Without an educated population, we have nothing to spur economic growth or prosperity.


A strong Michigan starts with good-paying jobs. But working families continue to struggle with stagnant or declining wages under republican leadership. Small businesses are crucial to the economic growth and prosperity of our communities. But we must invest in what it takes to create an environment where people want to set-up shop. It includes focusing on fixing things like roads, bridges, to shipping channels and fiber optic networks, and education. We are a state built by entrepreneurs, and it is vital to the success and growth of Northern Michigan that we continue to invest, support and encourage new ideas and ventures.


Our natural resources are not for sale and as the Great Lake State we should be working hard to protect our environment. The Republican dominated House has been working to undermine the authority of EPA and other organizations with the passage of bills designed to prohibit state agencies from adopting rules more stringent than federal regulations, allow massive amounts of groundwater to be withdrawn without meeting current DEQ requirements, and continued support of Enbridge. Our ecosystem is a fragile thing and we need to be working on ways to protect it from environmental threats, invasive species and those who seek to exploit our resources for profit at the expense of our future. Like right now, 13 trillion gallons of groundwater in Antrim County is considered tainted by a plume of toxic waste the funds for the Clean Michigan Initiative have dried up and and a long term solution has yet to be found.


Everyone deserves quality, affordable health care. We need elected officials to protect and expand Medicare, and stand up to the powerful lobbyist to ensure no one is forced into financial ruin because they can’t afford the necessary treatments, prescriptions or doctors visits they need to live a healthy life.


I have a young child. I want to make sure he has the freedom to go to school and live without fear of being shot and killed. No one ever expects it to happen in their neighborhood or at our child’s school. But my heart sinks when I kiss my son good-bye at the bus stop knowing we aren’t protecting our children’s safety to the best of our ability.

There’s no one way to fix this problem, nor does the answer lie in taking away our Second Amendment Rights. But we can work together on some of the ways that we know work and can prevent future attacks. That includes making sure dangerous weapons and high-capacity magazines don’t get into the hands of people who mean to do others harm. Criminal background checks on all gun purchases can make sure dangerous people don’t get these dangerous weapons without infringing on the rights of responsible gun owners like most of us in HD 105. Coming from a military family, I understand a thing or two about military weapons and I know what it’s like to live where guards armed with high-caliber weapons patrol. It’s not a solution to solving gun violence.

When I get to Lansing I will take action to ensure all of these common sense practices are put in place to protect our freedom to go to school and work without the fear of being fatally attacked.