A Vision

 Melissa Frugé

Melissa Frugé


Putting Words into Action

As Michiganders we feel an intense pride in our home state and I believe it's time to start driving our state forward, to ensure we all have access to a free, high-quality education; affordable, quality healthcare no matter where we live; high-quality roads and bridges that get us where we need to go; and clean air and water.

I believe in the promise of the American Dream. But like so many families in our communities, I've lived paycheck to paycheck and understand the struggle it takes just stay afloat. I’m running for the 105th district’s seat in the House of Representatives because I want to address the everyday problems we all face, like whether or not we have access to reasonable housing, quality health insurance or affordable childcare, and work to find real solutions to those issues. 

When I think of northern Michigan, I think of the amazing people in our communities ready to rally together and support their neighbors in their time of need. I think of home.  I think of community spirit and pride.  

Our Veterans deserve more, we need an advocate for our children, a guardian for our environment, and a champion for economic development. It’s time we start holding our elected officials accountable and demanding action.

What are you willing to invest in your future? If you believe in changing the status quo and bringing opportunity back to northern Michigan, then speak up, let your voices be heard. I urge you be part of the changes Michigan needs.

I want to be your State Representative. I want to be your voice in Lansing, because together, we will make a difference.